Guinchi the Sculptor. Born and raised in Bogota and adopted by Berlin, there's no doubt that the city life is reflected in his art; the roughness of hand forged iron combined with meticulous concepts. From heavy chisel strikes on stone to 3-hair paint brush shadowing, the balance in his art, the dedication to details and the use of industrial and construction materials draws the line that defines a “Guinchi” artwork. For the artist beauty matters. Even when his art feels dark at first sight, the viewer will always connect those slight touches that bring admiration to the beauty behind a well-executed technique. The sculptor finds inspiration and materials in the streets of Berlin, undertaking projects using what the environment provides him. Up-cycling is not the priority, rather is more important the connection to the objects found, how old are these, shown by deteriorating matter on Rusty surfaces, what's behind each one of the creations that composes Guinchi‘s art style. “We as artists have a responsibility that goes far beyond decorating a living room” – Guinchi. In 2016 founded the Art Gallery Untergeschoss der Pandora in Berlin, Germany.

Nika Maksimyuk is a visual artist-expressionist and texts author originating from Moscow, Russia, with experience of working as a photojournalist there. In her works she reflects on topics of neurodiversity, unconventional human relationships and sexuality, social rejection, trauma and stigma referring to her own experience. Art asks questions, starts conversations and doesn't give clear answers, but creating inclusive society without hypocrisy is a dream. Nika is PR-manager of Pandora.


Dona Aviles. Chilean surrealist painter and tattoo artist. Creative director of Pandora.